3 Months, 2 Friends, 1 Meal a Week

Hello everyone.  My name is Lauren and I have a best friend named Lindsay.  We are really into food.  Lindsay is a great cook, she’s pretty much the food expert.  I am not so skilled when it comes to cooking, however, I have a mean appetite.  Basically, we’re here to inform you about our gastro-escapades.

We have vowed to go to restaurants throughout Los Angeles (because that’s where we live) once a week over the next three months.  I’m moving to Germany for a time, so it’s our last-ditch effort to eat lovely meals before we have to separate for a bit.  We’d like to include all of you on our excursions, where we’ll talk about our meals, the restaurant experience and all of the other fantastic things that we may encounter in our adventures.  So we hope you enjoy!

Lindsay is going to write our first post on Gjelina in Venice on Abbot Kinney.  Let’s just say, we’re in love.



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